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Welcome To Adopt-a-Singer!

Local Businesses, Clubs, Groups & Individuals Giving HOPE For Regular (Professional) Aged Care Entertainment in Newcastle!

Adam-Close-Up-1Adopt-a-Singer is a concept created by Adam Price (a local Christian entertainer) to give joy and happiness to our seniors in aged care facilities, adult day care centres, respite / palliative care as well as adult special needs communities.

After full recovery from a life changing experience with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in 2010 (with only 3 weeks to live at first diagnosis) Adam felt a strong calling to start "Giving Back" to our elderly community through the gift of music.

Adam started singing in aged care right after his recovery and at the beginning he volunteered his time with little or no payment (he really related to singing for those who were confined to their rooms as he too understands, from his journey, that being confined to your room can be extremely confronting and lonely).

However, over the next 2 years, as he become better known by facilities, both he, the staff and their families experienced the MIRACULOUS reactions from residents. Many facilities started to really "VALUE" what a professional level entertainment program that specialized in seniors specific music, could do for their residents.

It was at the above turning point in 2012, that Adam decided to try and do more regular shows and gain the financial support of local businesses and individuals and Adopt-a-Singer was born. It was created to help him go into facilities that have a particularly low entertainment budget, so he could do more shows for them and help them out.

He see's being able to go into these facilities and entertaining residents for group concerts, plus visiting infirm and palliative patients who cannot leave their room, as an honor and a privilege. It's an incredibly important role to bring them joy, happiness and hope through music (and many of them now very much look forward to his regular visits).

The problem is, there are still quite a few aged care facilities and other seniors day programs and groups who's entertainment budget doesn't accommodate for his regular visits (and hence residents who pay to be in these facilities miss out on this regular entertainment, from an entertainer they have grown to LOVE).

Not being able to entertain in facilities who's residents have grown very fond of Adam's visits, but cannot afford him regularly, really pulls at his heartstrings and he does the best he can to help these facilities (the perfect outcome would be to have regular monthly sponsors to help supplement, each visit, so ALL facilities in the Newcastle / Hunter Valley area could benefit).

"Adam likes to think of himself as a valued extension of a facilities activities staff and a member of the residents family who only wants the BEST for loved ones!"

So with the above scenario in mind, Adam is currently URGING our local business community (and philanthropic individuals and groups) to value and get behind his mission to bring his musical visits to a broader range of facilities.

Once seen, you too will WANT to help support Adam and become part of his mission to give regular joy and happiness to seniors through his music ministry... It simply makes their day!

IMPORTANT NOTE FROM ADAM: I don't do what I do for the money, this is NOT a business, it's something much more important than that... It's my God given PURPOSE here on earth. I only want you to help if you feel drawn to do so (and can afford to). As this is all I do (and I'm just an ordinary person & certainly not a millionaire), so any support just helps me go further and make our wonderful seniors (your mums, dads, grandmas and grandpas) happy, it certainly is a privilege to be able to sing for them!

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Name: Adam Price
Branch: Newcastle Permanent Building Society - Kotara
BSB: 650-000
A/C: 948 667 600

Adopt-a-Singer-Give-Here-BannerHe Can't Do It Alone He NEEDS Your GENEROUS Support... Learn More Here!

    Short, Professional Video Presentation about Adam Price & Adopt-a-Singer!
    The story of Adam Price and how Adopt-a-Singer come to be formed and why it was created!
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